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Engage | Entice | Enrich

Engage | Entice | Enrich

Engage | Entice | Enrich

Brand storytelling has become a necessity, not a luxury.

In the business world–where trust is currency–brands can harness their content as a powerful sales force. This is exactly what has pushed more companies to let their guard down and start educating and engaging readers through the power of content marketing.
But in the race to ramp up content production, many companies have found that they lack the resources or talent necessary to capture their story. To fill this void, Reignmakers has been launched to help brands educate their audiences and earn their trust.
With award-winning editors behind Reignmakers, we provide a full‑service solution to help companies strategize, create, publish, and distribute content that accomplishes their goals.


Once upon a time…….

Two content gurus met on a blazing hot day, on barren land somewhere in Africa. After exchanging pleasantries, they sat under a large rock that provided shade from the blistering sun, and in time the conversation turned to their personal journeys – exciting, adventurous, yet leading them to this dry and soulless land. Their gaze turned toward the greater expanse before them, and they took their first steps together.

As the dry heat cracked their skin, a decision was reached: “Let’s create something to give this dry land some life.” Pen in hand and book on ground, they began writing. The more they wrote, the cooler it became; soon water started bubbling up to the surface and sprouts of green emerged as life returned.

Pen and book in hand, they went in opposite directions as they continued to give life to the land. A week later they met where it had all began and looked out before them: Far and wide, a green bounty had spread as the reign of life grew stronger in earnest.

The two gurus had restored life to a desolate land through creating beauty where there was potential for growth. Content had given life – and the ReignMakers were born.

Gazing out in another direction, much further afield than before, they could see more dry and cracked land. They set out once again, even more determined to spread life and beauty. The reign of content had begun.

Evans Manyonga
Founder & CCO (Chief Creative Officer)

A trendsetter and media influencer, Evans Manyonga is the former editor-in-chief of Fast Company SA. He was the founding editor in SA of the global franchise (the only English franchise title outside the USA) and produced 34 issues of the magazine. In 2017 he was voted one of the 100 Most Influential Young South Africans under 40 by Avance Media.

Evans holds a BA in Film and Media Studies from the University of Cape Town, a B.Phil. in Journalism and Multimedia from the University of Stellenbosch and a Master of Arts degree in Corporate and Political Communication from the University of Cape Town.

An astute organiser, his knack for versatility in his media ventures and receptive attitude – in tandem with his youthful vigour and zest for excellence – have aided a glittering career. He has worked across various publishing and media disciplines: from marketing and production, to business journalist, business development editor, content manager, project manager for the Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention, editor of Achievermagazine, deputy editor of Leadership magazine, and editor-in-chief of African Independent Magazine.

In addition, Evans is a media trainer who has worked with notable South African CEOs and run media training courses for nanotechnology scientists enrolled at the top universities in the country.


The media and marketing industries are constantly evolving; as a result, it is imperative to explore new ways of advertising and marketing. Content marketing is the best way to stay relevant in an ever-changing media and marketing landscape. The type of industry in which a company operates does not determine the need for transcription but rather the type and volume of content produced, as well as hosting platforms.

Creative Content is most commonly defined as content that needs to be ‘translated’ creatively. The purpose of the content is to ‘persuade’ a customer or end-user to engage with the brand and purchase products or services.
• The created content is tailored to resonate closely with the specified target audience.
• The content is original and authentic.
• It is essential for clients to understand the brand through the content.

In today’s experiential economy, brand awareness is more important than ever.

We focus on the following areas:

• Content creation
• Brand building (corporate and individual)
• Events
• Niche custom publishing
• Digital and social platforms (web building, social media marketing, design)
• Publishing

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